In books and literature series there are many archenemy relationships, even in fairy tales and popular folklore.

Fairy Tales

  • Little Red Riding Hood's archenemy is Big Bad Wolf.
  • Snow White's archenemy is Evil Queen.
  • Robin Hood's archenemy is Sheriff of Nottingham.

Old Literature

  • Gandalf's archenemy is Saruman, another powerful wizard, who made a deal with Sauron.
  • Sherlock Holmes' archenemy is the criminal Mastermind; Professor James Moriarty.
  • In Moby Dick, Ishmael fights against Moby Dick; the white whale.
  • Peter Pan fights a pirate by the name of Captain Hook.
  • Count Dracula is the archenemy of Abraham Van Helsing; a vampire hunter.

Modern Literature

  • Alex Rider's archenemy is Yassen Gregorovich; an assassin who murdered his uncle.
  • Lord Voldemort is the archenemy of Harry Potter; his only victim that survived.
  • Eragon's archenemy is Galbatorix; an evil dragon rider who betrayed his old team.